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Precision vertical axis

Electromechanical Assembly

Precision vertical axis integrated into overall design to provide precision positioning in this electromechanical assembly.

Electro Mechanical Assembly

Delivering fully tested and verified electromechanical assembly modules, subassemblies and completed products

World-Class Electro Mechanical Assembly Capabilities

ISO 9001:2015 certified Accudynamics is a reliable partner ready to handle your critical product electromechanical assembly needs. Through our world-class supply chain, we manage the entire process, from Concept through Prototype to Production, to deliver you a completed electromechanical assembly module or final product. It is measured and tested to your standards and specifications, and we will provide detailed documentation as needed


Assembly and Mechanical
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Electro Mechanical Assembly 2


Comprehensive Electromechanical Assembly Processes

Since we work with our customers from Concept through Prototype to Production, Accudynamics understands product intent and details. This attention to detail translates into our assembly process. Our electromechanical assemblies combine our precision machining with our assembly processes to deliver subassemblies and modules to our OEM customers. Accudynamics assumes full responsibility for the entire supply chain and end-to-end product quality. We deliver only after detailed inspections and provide full order product traceability, while reducing the number of parts and inventory in the most cost-effective manner.



Electromechanical Assembly 3

Accudynamics’ Unmatched Electromechanical Assembly Services

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and the most qualified engineers, our services include electromechanical assembly and testing, data collection, cleaning, and part-specific re-usable packaging. Accudynamics can easily meet and exceed the requirements of precision instrument manufacturers because we boast the most comprehensive systems for quality, documentation, and inspection.

Electro mechanical Assembly 4

State-of-the-Art Electromechanical Assembly Examples

Accudynamics works with customers from various industries, including medical and scientific instrumentation OEMs worldwide. Some examples of our electromechanical assemblies include: XYZ motion systems; OEM instrument subassemblies; pumps; fluidic probes; optical systems; centrifuge assemblies; linear actuators; frames; base plates; and fluid handling manifolds.

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