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Aluminum Extrusions MA

Aluminum Extrusions MA

One of Accudynamics’ core competencies is precision machining of aluminum extrusions in MA. We regularly supply aluminum extrusions as early as the prototype stage, with production volumes ranging from a few hundred to many thousands per year.

DFM Reduces Aluminum Extrusion MA Cost

Accudynamics will work to reduce the cost of your designs with aluminum extrusions MA. Our expert applications engineers collaborate with your design team from the earliest stages of aluminum extrusion design, through prototype to production, thus reducing the number of design revisions required. The result is reduced price of prototype iterations and products brought to market quickly.


Aluminum Extrusions Massachusetts


Aluminum Extrusions Massachusetts

Precision Machining Aluminum Extrusions in MA

Accudynamics’ precision machining process allows us to achieve extremely tight tolerances on aluminum extrusions in MA, even the most complex shapes and geometries. Common materials for aluminum extrusions include up to seven inch diameter profiles if required, and the 6000 series is readily available. Our CMM inspection services guarantee positional tolerances are achieved to your exact specifications. Extrusions are a viable option in low quantities of only a few hundred per year depending on design and material selection.

Testing Physical Aluminum Extrusion Design

There are multiple options for testing a physical aluminum extrusion design, including: machining an extruded shape from solid; 3D printing an extrusion in plastic or metal; or investing in a die cast and tooling for production parts.

Managing the Entire Supply Chain for Aluminum Extrusions

Accudynamics has refined our highly qualified vendor base for nearly three decades. Utilizing best-in-class inventory management methods such as Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Kanban, and Just in Time (JIT), we deliver a fully machined and finished aluminum extrusion MA to our customers’ specifications.

Benefits of One Supplier and One Step

By working with just one supplier for finished, machined assembled, aluminum extrusions MA, Accudynamics simultaneously reduces the number of suppliers, part numbers, and purchase orders that need management. Customers eliminate scrap and returns which often occur due to poor extrusion and machining quality. Additionally, you decrease the number of components required and simplify the assembly process.

Aluminum Extrusions Massachusetts

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