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Design for Manufacturing MA

Manufacturing Services:

Design for Manufacturing MA

Optimize design for manufacturing by working with our
team from Concept through Prototype to Production.

Design for Manufacturing by MA Leader, Accudynamics

Accudynamics’ has perfected design for manufacturing in MA which means utilizing proven DFM techniques so your company benefits from enhanced quality and improved reliability of production parts. So whether you are optimizing an existing design or developing a new product design, you will see concurrent reduction of part complexity and cost, reduced assembly time and errors, and receive a quality design yielding repeatable production parts that meet your exact design intent and product specifications.

Design for Manufacturing MA


Reducing Development Time with Fewer Design Revisions

By eliminating the multiple drawings stage and designing for manufacturing the first time, we reduce the number of design revisions and prototype iterations required, and help our customers bring products to market more quickly. Your high quality design parts will function as you intended, utilizing optimized dimensioning and tolerances.


Your Designs, Exactly as Specified

Design for manufacturing in MA with Accudynamics means that design parts function exactly as you intend, utilizing optimized dimensioning and tolerances. By reducing the number of components and complexity of the final assembly, you will also reduce assembly time and errors. Further, these optimized designs will have high manufacturing repeatability and quality.

Design for Manufacturing in MA Allows Built-in-Cost

By utilizing our design for manufacturing in MA guidelines, you can reduce engineering time, manufacturing time, number of components and improve time to market. In fact, many products have up to 70 percent of their cost built-in during design.


Design for Manufacturing with MA’s Most Talented Engineers

Accudynamics’ expert applications engineers collaborate with your design team right from the concept phase. We work to clearly understand the intent of your design by utilizing design for manufacturing methods and techniques to either develop brand-new products, or to work with your professionals to enhance existing designs.


Design for Manufacturing

DFM with the Final Product First in Mind

We approach design for manufacturing with your final product function in mind. As part of this process, your discussions with Accudynamics include possible substitutions that will influence the final product cost such as:

Early planning will ultimately improve the manufacturability of your products. Design for manufacturing in MA should begin with a discussion at the concept stage– contact Accudynamics today.

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