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Machining Aluminum MA

Machining Aluminum MA

One of Accudynamics’ key specialties is high speed precision machining of aluminum parts with tight tolerances.

Machining Aluminum Massachusetts

Expert Machining Aluminum in MA

Accudynamics mills and machines medium and complex aluminum parts that our competitors cannot – and that’s what sets us apart. We are capable of achieving extremely tight tolerances in three, four, and five axis machining of aluminum parts with finishes as good as four RMS, with materials including 6061, 7075, Mic-6, cast plate, jig plate, and tooling plate, and forms such as plate, bar, rod, extrusions, and castings.

Machining Aluminum in MA Requires DFM Optimization

Working with our engineers from Concept through Prototype to Production on machining aluminum MA means your company will benefit from improved quality, increased reliability of production parts, and simultaneous reduction of complexity and cost. Whether the aluminum product is the size of an eraser or a refrigerator, or whether you are optimizing an existing design or developing a new product design your machined design will yield repeatable production parts that meet your exact intent and product requirements.

Machining Aluminum MA

Supply Chain Management with a Single Supplier

Accudynamics eliminates the headaches of dealing with multiple suppliers by utilizing just one supplier so that you receive a fully machined, aluminum part, finished to your exact specifications. We will manage your entire supply chain, utilizing our highly qualified vendor base that has been established over the company’s thirty-year history. What’s more, we provide finishing, polishing, laser marking, and mechanical assembly to complement our precision machining aluminum in MA services.

Cost-Effective Does Not Compromise Quality

Our in-process inspection and real-time feedback during production results in the highest quality, precision part – this includes “lights-out” and weekend machining aluminum MA options for production runs. Accudynamics’ culture of continuous improvement means we operate within a framework of lean manufacturing with quick turnaround times, saving you more money without sacrificing quality. Contact Accudynamics to learn about machining aluminum in MA.

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