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Machining Castings MA

Machining Castings MA

Precision designing and machining castings in MA with complexity and tight tolerances from concept through prototype to production is one of our core competencies.

Machining Castings Massacshusetts

Machining Castings MA with DFM

When machining castings in MA, utilize Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFM) techniques from the start to either optimize an existing design or to develop a new product design. Accudynamics will help your company realize improved quality, increased reliability of production parts, and simultaneous reduction of complexity and cost. Machining castings will yield a design with repeatable production parts that meet your exact intent and product requirements.

High Precision Machining Castings MA

Our state-of-the-art equipment is some of the most technologically-advanced in the industry. Accudynamics boasts the highest tolerance, reliable, precision machining castings operations in MA include high speed tooling, high pressure coolant, wire EDMs, CMMs and pallet changers that reduce cost and run times. Select the material that best fits your needs: investment, sand, permanent mold, die, or V process castings using common materials such as aluminum, ZA-12, and stainless steel.

Superior Supply Chain Management

Accudynamics manages your entire supply chain when machining castings in MA. We remove the challenges of working with multiple suppliers by utilizing just one supplier, so that you receive fully machined, assembled castings, finished to your exact specifications. The result? Fewer number of parts and purchase orders; elimination of scrap and returns due to poor casting and machining quality; and reduced number of components, thus simplifying the assembly process.

Quality High Precision Machining Castings MA

From start to finish, Accudynamics is about quality verification. Machining castings meets your needs through our design for manufacturing process, as well as our CMM inspection guaranteeing the tightest, positional tolerances, even on your most complex shapes and geometries. We 1) machine castings from solid; 2) 3D print a machining castings design in plastic or metal; 3) prototype machining castings with minimal tooling investment; or 4) invest in tooling for production castings. Contact Accudynamics and find out more about our high precision machining castings in MA.

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