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Plastic Machining MA

Plastic Machining MA

Accudynamics offers high quality, precision machined plastic parts made to your exact specifications.

Optimizing Machining Plastic in MA with DFMA

Accudynamics works with our customers from Concept through Prototype to Production when plastic machining in MA –whether it’s for a part the size of an eraser or a refrigerator, optimizing an existing design, or developing a new product design. We will assist in reducing the number of design revisions required, and cutting the time and price required for your prototype iterations by designing for manufacturing the first time. The outcome is plastic machined to a design yielding repeatable production parts that meet your exact design intent and product specifications.

Plastic Machining MA


Plastic Machining MA

Plastic Machining MA for Prototypes

When plastic machining in MA for prototype parts, you don’t need to invest in expensive molds until they are necessary. We are capable of achieving extremely tight tolerances in three, four, and five axis plastic machining of parts with many materials and forms such as plate, bar, rod and extrusions.

Exceeding Complex Plastic Machining Needs

Accudynamics has a wide variety of CNC machines to meet your complex plastic machining needs from turning to milling machines equipped with the latest technologies. We can accommodate threads and undercuts at multiple angles, and we offer better finishes for your initial parts.

Reliable Precision Plastic Machining

Reliability = Service + Quality + Communication is Accudynamics’ mission since 1984. We will be your reliable precision machine shop adeptly consolidating and managing your entire supply chain to deliver a complete, machined plastic part verified to the highest standards through our in-process inspection, real-time feedback, and CMM inspection services.

Modern Plastic Machining

Our talented applications engineers utilize the most advanced precision machining techniques on the best-in-class equipment. Our company operates within a framework of lean manufacturing with quick turnaround times, passing along the savings to our customers.

Plastic Machining MA

Machining Plastic Variety

We machine a variety of plastics such as:

  • Acetal-Delrin
  • ABS
  • Hydex
  • Ultem
  • Peek
  • Nylon
  • Acrylic
  • PVC
  • Teflon
  • Polycarbonate

Contact Accudynamics to discuss how we can help your company with your plastic machining needs in MA.

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