Production Assistant Plus

 Production Assistant Plus



Position Summary

The Production Assistant is a member of the Production Team and performs a number of key activities required to maintain smooth and efficient production and general operations.  Reporting directly to the Shift Manager, this position provides essential support throughout to the assigned shift. The normal hours for this position are 7:00 am to 3:30 pm from Monday through Friday.  

Overtime in addition to any overtime hours that may be planned as part of the regular shift is sometimes required.  Overtime may be scheduled as an extended workday, beyond the normal shift, and/or on weekends or normally non-scheduled time.  

Every employee is expected to complete a normal workday and workweek. 

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

·       Operates manual and automatic grit blast equipment and handheld pneumatic and bench grinding tools and equipment.

·       Selects appropriate tool to perform basic and routine exterior and interior surface finishing, scraping, deburring, to remove visual casting defects from the part.

·       Selects and correctly mounts proper tool in burr gun.  Also determines what will be removed by belt cleanup.

·       Exercise care in handling and operation to avoid surface damage, cracking or over stressing of parts to obtain required finish.

·       Maintain equipment by completing preventative maintenance requirements.

·       Perform job functions as assigned by supervisor to meet daily throughput goals.

·       Maintain work area and equipment in a clean and orderly condition.

·       Operates production CNC machines as required.

·       General shop clean-up as assigned by supervisor.


Skills and Abilities

·       Attention to detail, accurate

·       Good verbal and written skills 

·       Ability to work safely in a variety of situations, follow rules and established processes

·       Mechanical skills

Education and Experience

·       Minimum of 3 years’ deburring experience.


Work Environment

This position is generally indoors, in a well-lighted, heated, fan-cooled production environment. All work is primarily standing (90 + % of the shift) with the exception of breaks, lunch periods, and the occasional meeting. Polishing and post machining finishing activities are regular and frequent, and these require a high degree of sanding, heavy polishing, and metal finishing that are combinations of fine motor activities and coarser work. The incumbent is required to regularly lift, carry, bend, move, and manage materials weighing up to 45 pounds each on a regular basis.

This position description may be amended, changed, or added to at any time.